"The Most Trusted Name in Optics"

Accepted Insurance Plans

  • AARP
  • Aetna
  • Amer Plan + Plus Plan
  • BCBS
  • Chrysler
  • Cole
  • Coast to Coast
  • Eye Care Plan of America
  • Humana
  • Martin County Employee Vision Benefit Package
  • Preferred Vision
  • Specs
  • Opti Choice
  • Vision Care
  • Express Scripts Value RX
  • Volunteers of Med Discount
  • Vought
  • Eyemed
  • SVS
  • Superiour Vision
  • QVC
  • Medicare After Cat. Surgery
  • Care Mark

Plans not accepted

  • VSP
  • Davis
  • Spectara
  • Medicaid
 If we are not a provider for your insurance there may be several options we can assist you with. Many insurances have a form located on their website for “out of network providers” that only you are able to log into and print. We will be happy to fill this out for you to either send or fax into your insurance. We also have an itemized form that we can fill out for you to send or fax in. We will assist you and do anything possible for you to get the maximum amount of money due to you from your insurance.
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